Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ropes with Zip Line and Swing and Climbing Wall

This here is proof we did something this summer. I never have a camera with me. We even have a great little flip video I could be using. Here with my fabulous phone shots we see some daring and adventurous children doing the zip line 100 feet in the air and the climbing wall and a great big scary swing. We brought Ingrid's friend Bailey and the kids had a blast. Olive and I had fun laughing at the scared expressions on their faces as they zipped and swung and climbed.
Good times. I was most amazed that August was so brave and willing to climb way up on a telephone type pole to a platform in the sky with a strange woman at the top who would link him to a rope and send him flying. It was priceless to see him be so brave. The silhouette is 5 year old August.
Ingrid I think.
Telephone pole climb to the unknown.
Greta Swinging

Ingrid and Bailey racing to the top.
Greta climing to the top.


lyndsey said...

So Fun! What a brave bunch of littles!

Jennifer said...

This looks so cool! Where is this? And I'm happy you admitted to never having a camera with you--me neither. Actually, I often have it and am too lazy to use it. Which is worse?