Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Rob. We love you so much. The kids miss you when you are gone and love when you are home. They admire you for the things you do for others.

Rob can sport a mean mustache.
They love their Dad.
He gave me the best kids and loves them so much. He's always thinking of what would make them happy. He's just like that with everyone. He cares a lot for others.
My favorite man and father.
He does fun things with the kids that I prefer not to do like carving pumpkins.
He loves the outdoors and a challenge.

He supports me in the things I like to do. Here he had the kids give me flowers after a race.
I just think he is so cute. (and notice our hill without the white rocks. better no?)

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Jennifer said...

I love this last photo! Had you guys just gotten into a fight and he was begging your forgiveness? This is such a nice post--you guys are the greatest couple!